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Preventing Cheating in
Online Courses

Digitally verify the identity of each exam-taker, from any location, to save time and minimize cost

Protecting exam integrity means preventing exam-taker impersonation and preventing cheating in online courses. Unfortunately, traditional online student verification systems are often inadequate and inefficient when administering large-scale or remote exams.

ExamID is the most advanced security tool of its kind, making the entire ID authentication process faster, easier, and more reliable. ExamID is the ideal solution for both in-class exams and remote exams, verifying the identity of each and every student quickly—no matter the size of the class.

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ExamID uses a two-step authentication process — username/password and biometric facial recognition — minimizing the opportunity for exam-taker impersonation. If exam-takers fail authentication or are flagged for an anomaly, faculty or administrators can review ExamID photos and files to determine whether there was an integrity breach.

Streamline Large
Scale Exams

Eliminate the need for extra staff and make large-scale exams fast, efficient, and secure. ExamID removes the laborious process of student check-in traditionally required to verify student identification for large-scale exams, while simultaneously reducing the possibility for human error.

Administer Remote
Exams Securely

For exams administered remotely, the only forms of exam security are typically a live remote proctor, which drives up institutional costs, or testing centers that are both expensive and impractical. ExamID’s two-step authentication process offers added security with facial recognition, making sure the right students take the right exams—no matter where they are.

ExamID + ExamMonitor =
End-to-End Remote
Exam Security

ExamID can be combined with ExamMonitor for holistic remote exam security that completely eliminates the need for more proctors. With ExamMonitor, educators get an A.I.-enabled proctoring service that monitors and records all video and audio throughout an exam. Learn more about ExamMonitor.

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