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Strengthen Exam Integrity
with Digital Monitoring

Protect the integrity of your exams and assessment data while administering exams anytime, anywhere

It’s no secret: combating academic dishonesty is one of the biggest challenges in administering both in-class and remote exams.

ExamMonitor is the AI-driven remote proctoring solution that continuously observes exam takers with video and audio monitoring throughout the entire exam. It completely eliminates the need for in-person proctoring and provides absolute confidence in the integrity of all your exams.

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A.I. Enabled Detection Provides Superior Results at a Lower Cost

ExamMonitor provides a complete system for detecting, preventing, and deterring virtually all possible forms of academic dishonesty during in-class and remote exams. By using an A.I.- enabled remote proctoring system backed by human review, ExamMonitor provides bulletproof exam security that requires far less time and effort on the part of educators.

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During the Exam

The student begins by logging in through ExamID, verifying their identity through our two-step authentication process that virtually eliminates the possibility of exam taker impersonation.

Once the exam begins, ExamMonitor remote proctoring captures a continuous audio and video recording of the exam taker using both webcam and screen capture. This recording creates a complete and permanent record of all of the exam taker’s actions from the first moment of the exam through the very end.

No WiFi connection is required during the exam. The recording is captured locally on the exam taker’s device. (WiFi is only necessary to start the exam and to upload the final recording once the exam has been completed.) This eliminates WiFi connectivity issues as a possible point of failure in the remote proctoring process.

After the Exam

Once the exam is completed, the exam footage is uploaded to ExamSoft and analyzed and reviewed by a proctor. An AI system analyzes the audio and video recording and identifies any abnormalities in student behavior based on movement, gaze, and background noise.

Any abnormalities are reviewed in-person by an expert who identifies and removes “false positives” in order to provide a verified, time-stamped incident report.

Educators can refer this incident report as evidence if disciplinary action is required. With ExamMonitor, administering remote exams becomes less time-consuming, more convenient, and more secure than ever.

Note: You must have ExamID to use ExamMonitor. Learn more about ExamID.

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