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Educating with Intention: An Outcomes-Based Approach to Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Learn how category tagging from ExamSoft can help you educate with intention by connecting exam items to customizable categories, such as learning outcomes and course objectives. With category tagging in place, you’ll...

objectives centered assessment

Benefits of Objectives-Centered Assessment for Growing Programs

There is perhaps no more harrowing task than building a whole new program from the ground up. There are a number of critical milestones — such as student retention, curriculum coverage, and, crucially for the survival...

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Infographic: Benchmarking Reports with ExamSoft and Clinical Judgment Exams

Take advantage of pre-written assessments that accurately gauge student learning and competency. Category-based reporting at the program level and student level will measure students’ true mastery of concepts against ...

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How a Mid-Semester Check-In Can Support Teachers and Learners

What is a Mid-Semester Check-In? Many instructors take the opportunity in the middle of the semester to evaluate their students’ understanding and needs. There are several approaches to a mid-semester check-in, includ...

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Guidebook: Using Category Tagging to Educate with Intention

How Data-Driven Assessment Supports Intentionality in Education Whether planning a course or developing a curriculum, educators have specific goals in mind for student learning. While it can be challenging to track pr...

Developing Power Skills in Higher Ed with EdTech

What are Power Skills & How Can We Assess Them in Higher Education?

Modern workplace dynamics are shifting. Employee demands are changing as individuals are expected to collaborate effectively, even in remote situations, while demonstrating skills and values such as empathy, flexibili...

Equity in Education with Outcomes-Based Assessment

Promoting Equity with Outcomes-Based Assessment

When we talk about equity in assessment, it’s important to understand what the term equity means. Some educators use equity and equality interchangeably, but there are vast differences between the two terms. Equ...

How to Find the Best Assessment Platform for Your Needs

3 Things You Need in Your Assessment Software

There are many assessment solutions out there, but before selecting one, it’s important to ask a few crucial questions: Does the solution offer the features and tools that you need, both at the course level and as an ...

Pedagogo Podcast S4 Epilogue

Pedagogo S4 Epilogue: Returning to the Roots of Community

In the epilogue to Pedagogo Season 4, Dr. Divya Bheda takes some time to reflect on the season’s topics. She highlights themes from conversations with guests, explores the potential for growth and nourishment in the c...

Pedagogo Podcast S4E7 with Guest Ereka Williams

Pedagogo S4E7: Community, Connections, and Student Success

Hear Dr. Divya Bheda’s discussion with Dr. Ereka Williams about how higher ed leaders and faculty can come together to support their communities — plus learn strategies to instill democratic values in teaching to prom...

Pedagogo Podcast S4E6 with Guest Kate McConnell

Pedagogo S4E6: Leadership Strategies to Foster Community in Higher Ed

Hear Dr. Divya Bheda’s discussion with Dr. Kate McConnell about the role educators play in teaching students to build and sustain successful communities. Learn how bringing principles of civic engagement to the classr...

Pedagogo Podcast S4E5 with Guest Craig Pepin

Pedagogo S4E5: Community Building in Professional Higher Ed Organizations

Hear Dr. Divya Bheda’s discussion with Dr. Craig Pepin about the role that community plays for professional organizations in higher education. Learn about the opportunities and responsibilities higher ed professionals...

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3 Ways to Future-Proof Higher Education with Digital Assessment

Pandemic-induced challenges have pushed higher ed institutions to grapple with virtual learning modalities. Educators and students have learned that investing in the right technological solutions can lead to more resi...

Pedagogo Podcast S4E3 with Guest John Broome

Pedagogo S4E3: Creating Spaces for a More Connected Higher Ed

Hear Dr. Divya Bheda in conversation with Dr. John Broome, creator of the Higher Ed Learning Collective, an online group designed to aid educators transitioning from face-to-face instruction to online and remote learn...

Pedagogo Podcast Annabelle Goodwin

Pedagogo S4E2: Community Building in Online Learning Spaces

Dr. Divya Bheda talks with Dr. Annabelle Goodwin, the inaugural Chief Diversity Officer for Northcentral University, about the importance of community building to the shared success of students and faculty in online e...

Pedagogo Podcast Season 4 Episode 1 guest Dr. Jane Irungu

Pedagogo S4E1: Promoting Shared Success at an Institutional Level

Dr. Divya Bheda talks with Dr. Jane Irungu about the importance of community building to support students, faculty, staff, and leadership at traditional, brick-and-mortar institutions. Guest Bio: Dr. Jane Irungu is cu...

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Pedagogo Season 4 Prologue

The events of the past two years have underlined the importance of community. Presented with the challenges of social isolation, we sought digital spaces to connect, communicate, collaborate, and drive social change. ...

Limitations of current assessment practices - and solutions

Limitations of Current Assessment Practices — and Their Solutions

As we continue to move through the Information Age, we are all required to learn new skills to keep up. At the most basic level, workers — and citizens in general — need to have a high level of digital literacy to do ...