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Exam Security

Actionable Student Assessment Data Starts with Exam Security Without safeguards against cheating and dishonesty, how can educators be confident that the data they’re collecting hasn’t been compromised? In the Ex...


Why Locked Down Browsers Fail the Security Test

Securing your in-class and remote exams to minimize cheating is essential for collecting student assessment data that is reliable, accurate, and insightful.  Learn the loopholes of browser-based testing and various ta...

ebook six essentials of data

6 Essentials of Assessment Data

Gain Deeper Insight into Student Learning Read the ExamSoft eBook, Six Essentials of Assessment Data, for insights into how student assessment and learning analytics can help educators and administrators enhance the e...


Why You Should Use Categories for Curriculum Guidance

If you’re using ExamSoft, then you’re probably already using categories in your exam creation and grading to provide students with more informative feedback. Category tagging proves a powerful tool for directing your ...

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How Not to Use Assessments: Common Mishaps Implementing Formative Assessments and How to Correct Them

Instruct. Assess. Feedback. Repeat. This is the timeless methodology of formative assessment applied, in some way, in all levels of education. The application of this process is continuously subject to change based on...

Bloom’s Taxonomy in Assessment

Bloom’s Taxonomy (Part 2): Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in Assessment

Now that we know what Bloom’s Taxonomy is, it’s time to discuss a few helpful tips for applying the framework to assessments as a means of gaining insight into learning comprehension. Tips for Applying Bloom’s Taxonom...

How Not to Use Formative Assessments Webinar

How Not to Use Formative Assessments

Here are some common examples of how not to use formative assessments and the simple corrections to get you back to being an assessment pro.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Basics

Bloom’s Taxonomy (Part 1): Bloom’s Basics

Before a new semester begins, it’s important that educators reassess their curriculum. Have the learning objectives changed? How well do students retain the information and how do they demonstrate their knowledge? Is ...

Putting Data to Work Webinar
On-Demand Webinars

Putting Data to Work: Incorporating Technology into Curricular Review

Presented by Mr. Eric Ermie, Director of Client Solutions at ExamSoft This webinar demonstrates how ExamSoft can be leveraged to make new curriculum successful, as well as how to properly use assessment data to ensure...


Data-Driven Educational Assessments Using Longitudinal Analysis

When it comes to data-driven educational assessments, one of the bigger challenges for educators is measuring how teaching methods and course design are quantitatively impacting student learning. ExamSoft’s computer-b...


Testimonials: How Students Benefit from Using ExamSoft

ExamSoft’s education software provides unmatched support for faculty, staff, and administration with a comprehensive solution to manage and optimize student assessments. It’s an invaluable platform for students as wel...


Reduce Costs and Improve Student Outcomes through ExamSoft Assessment

Throughout the years, educational institutions have struggled to improve with reduced budgets. Always asked to do more with less, it’s abundantly clear that programs and educators need help. Thankfully, there is a sol...

white paper curricular change
White Paper

White Paper: Using Assessment Data to Effect Curricular Change and Increase Licensure Exam Scores

Many educators use post-exam data to provide early, focused remediation for students, which can improve learning outcomes and retention. But such data is often overlooked when it comes to curricular design and instruc...


Four Easy Ways to Improve Student Retention Rates

A primary goal of educators is to positively influence student learning and help ensure students go on to achieve successful careers. What’s more, improving student success also means improving student retention...


Assessment Reporting and Analytics from ExamSoft

  ExamSoft’s suite of assessment software provides educators with the tools needed to track student, course, and even programmatic performance. By “tagging” exam items to any measurable competency or outcome, edu...

Minimize Security Risks on Exams Webinar
On-Demand Webinars

Stop the Cheating! Best Practices to Minimize Security Risks on Exams

ExamSoft is known for being a secure testing software for all types of educational programs or licensing bodies. However, regardless of the precautions taken, students are extremely creative and still find ways around...

item categorization white paper
White Paper

White Paper: Improving Student Learning Outcomes through Exam Item Categorization

When students finish an assessment, they often only receive a grade with no additional information, and access to the completed exam is often limited due to security concerns regarding academic integrity. With categor...

improving exam quality white paper
White Paper

White Paper: Exam Quality Through the Use of Psychometric Analysis

An assessment is only as good as its questions, but how can you tell if your exam items are functioning in the way you want them to? Are they fair, and do they measure the intended learning outcomes? Are they too diff...