Content – Bar Passage Program


ExamSoft has partnered with BARBRI to deliver a Bar Passage Program and Formative Item Bank for legal education.

Exhibit A Product/Service Names

The following Product/Service names include the capabilities defined in this specification

  • Bar Passage Program
  • BARBRI Formative Item Bank

Detailed Specifications

Bar Passage Program

  • Using ExamSoft’s Core Platform, you’ll gain access to the BARBRI formative item bank content of 1,000+ pre-categorized multiple-choice exam questions in the following areas:
    • Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts

BARBRI Formative Item Bank ONLY
The formative item bank is available on a standalone basis for use in paper exams for Clients who elect not to utilize the ExamSoft Core Platform.

  • Access to printing the BARBRI formative item bank from ExamSoft’s Core Platform.
  • Read only rights to BARBRI formative questions for printing/exporting of paper exams.
  • Maximum of 1 ExamSoft Core Platform Exam Taker License.