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ExamSoft Events & Webinars

Supporting Students Effectively and Proactively in Remote Learning Environments
Tuesday, May 25, 2021

While remote learning and assessment were accelerated during the pandemic, they are likely here to stay as more institutions explore and adopt online education as part of their future strategy. This webinar is a panel discussion with a focus on how faculty can proactively and effectively support students in a remote learning and testing environment. The panel, which includes faculty, alumni, and ExamSoft Support, will also address the socio-emotional challenges associated with being online or remote during high-stakes testing.

Today's Proctoring Options and the Important Role of Educators in Safeguarding Academic Integrity
Thursday, April 29, 2021

Educators still have an important and irreplaceable role in ensuring academic integrity while determining the proctoring solution best suited for their programs and institutions. Learn more about the strengths and limitations of human proctoring, A.I. proctoring, and Hybrid proctoring, and how to take a holistic approach regarding people, process, and policies that support academic integrity.

Next Generation Testing with Clinical Judgment Exams: Online Testing Tools for Every Student 
Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Clinical Judgment Exam webinar is a live, one-hour discussion with Dr. Tim Bristol (Nurse Tim), which will give you an overview of methods for helping assess your students in clinical judgment. You’ll learn how NurseThink Testing, powered by ExamSoft, will enable you to provide nationally benchmarked, high-level, high-security exams that will prepare your students for the Next Generation NCLEX.
The session will include Q&A where you can ask about the Next Generation NCLEX, online testing tools, Clinical Judgment Exams, and any other related topic.

ExamSoft Virtual
Thursday, March 25, 2021

ExamSoft Virtual is an online event series that explores a variety of topics relevant to higher education and computer-based assessment, including accreditation challenges, strategies for student success, and the role of data in curricular decision-making. ExamSoft Virtual webinars and panel discussions are delivered in partnership with faculty and administrators from a variety of higher education institutions. Join us for a deeper understanding of all-things assessment.

Pedagogo Podcast

Pedagogo is the show that brings education to your ears and metamastery to your assessments. Join host Dr. Divya Bheda, an education consultant for ExamSoft as she combs the literature, attends the conferences, and brings you information from the front lines. Dr. Bheda will interview faculty, administrators, accreditors, and private sector education assessment specialists to give you the information you need to know, distilled down to the core concepts, and with the specific steps you can take today to incorporate the best of pedagogy into your program. Pedagogo is designed to keep educators on the move and up to date with what’s hot and happening in higher education, in a way that’s practical and applicable to your classroom, in a fast, fun format. Pedagogo is here to make you bold, informed, and ready to try the latest trends in pedagogy. Join us.