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ExamSoft Events & Webinars

ExamSoft Education Connection Webinar Series
June 10 - August 12, 2020

ExamSoft Education Connection is an all-new assessment webinar series that brings together educators across different programs to connect and learn from fellow program instructors and academic leaders. Listen in as they share their own experiences and insights on topics such as education technology, digital assessments, and making the most of student and program data.

Pedagogo Podcast

Pedagogo is the show that brings education to your ears and metamastery to your assessments. Join host Dr. Allison Case, a former faculty member and Director of Curriculum and Accreditation at a Tier 1 research institute, and now an education consultant for ExamSoft as she combs the literature, attends the conferences, and brings you information from the front lines. Dr. Case will interview faculty, administrators, accreditors, and private sector education assessment specialist to give you the information you need to know, distilled down to the core concepts, and with the specific steps you can take today to incorporate the best of pedagogy into your program. Pedagogo is designed to keep educators on the move and up to date with what’s hot and happening in higher education, in a way that’s practical and applicable to your classroom, in a fast, fun format. Pedagogo is here to make you bold, informed, and ready to try the latest trends in pedagogy. Join us.