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Five-Episode Webinar Series

Watch this special five-part webinar series focused on assessment best practices and using technology for exam success. The series, presented by ExamSoft and led by Director of Education and Assessment, Dr. Divya Bheda, will give you insights on assessment and testing along with practical tips and strategies.

Plus, watch a bonus panel webinar to hear how other education professionals have implemented assessment technology in their programs.

Webinar Series

Foundations: Assessment Best Practices for Educational Efficacy

In our first conversation, we’ll set the foundation for the series. We’ll start by sharing an overview of how assessment can be used as a tool for continuous improvement within your classroom, program, and institution. Learn how to use assessment to increase curricular power, teaching and learning effectiveness, and student success. You’ll also learn how to strengthen accreditation achievements while also ensuring program and institutional quality. Discover key principles and approaches to deploy to ensure rigor and equity in any assessment endeavor to further assure student success.

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Foundations: Making Technology Work for You

The second foundational session in this learning series focuses on best practices to consider when adopting and deploying technology at your institution or program. How do you select the right technology for your program? Who should be involved in the decision-making process? How do you ensure adequate faculty, staff, and student training to maximize the benefits of the technology’s capabilities? How do you make technology work best for your context? We’ll discuss these topics as well as applicable strategies during this session.

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The Building Blocks: Scaffolding for Success: Exam Prep Best Practices

In this session, you will learn about tried and tested, proven to be successful tips and strategies for faculty to adopt and engage in as you build and deliver exams. You will gain an overview of various topics that need to be factored into exam planning and delivery. From outcomes alignment and item writing to emergency protocols to have in place, from calendaring to communication, you will have an opportunity to learn various facets of exam planning and the processes and procedures you need to have in place as you create and deploy your exams—be it online or in person.

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The Building Blocks: Everything you need to know about Academic Integrity! Best
practices and more

In this session, we’ll share the nuances of ensuring and advancing academic integrity in education. What are the different types of academic integrity violations? What policies, processes, and communications need to be in place to support and promote academic integrity proactively? How do you discipline students who engage in violations? What are your processes to train faculty, staff, and students on this topic? How do you build a culture of accountability and trust that can serve student success overall? We will tackle all these questions and more in this session.

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The Building Blocks: Championing Student Success as Educators

This session is focused on student success. We’ll discuss various aspects of and nuances to supporting students as they engage in assessments even as you gain the tools and insights needed to catalyze their learning. How do we help students manage stress related to high-stakes exams? How do we build equity in our assessments to increase student opportunities for success? How do we pay attention to student learning gaps and adopt a strengths-based approach to increasing their assessment performance and success? Be part of this conversation to learn more and offer your own strategies and expertise with others.

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The Interior Design: Higher Education Stories and Insights

Every institution and program engages in assessment differently depending on their context and needs. This session offers a rich conversation among a diverse panel of higher education faculty and leaders who explore the ideas and best practices referenced in ExamSoft’s five-part Digital Assessment Series and share how they are applying these learnings to meet the needs of the moment.  This webinar also addresses pressing issues that merit our attention as a community to create a brighter educational future and successful outcomes for all in higher ed.

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Meet the Speakers

divya 1

Meet ExamSoft’s Director of Education and Assessment

Dr. Divya Bheda has over a decade of experience in leading program evaluations, assessments, and social justice training. She champions curricular innovation and andragogical/pedagogical excellence through assessment. Her work spans general education, administration, academic programs, certificates, and student services. She approaches data, strategic-planning, and decision-making using a formative, utilization-focused, equity-building lens. She is committed to advancing collaborative, transformative, and restorative learning in a safe space for professional accountability and growth for all higher education professionals. She has experience in online, and brick and mortar educational contexts. She is passionate about catalyzing student success and building organizational responsiveness. She holds a Ph.D. in Critical and Socio-Cultural Studies in Education, an M.S. in Educational Leadership, and an M.A. in Mass Communication.

kaied 1

Regional Director – EU, ME, and North Africa

Kaied Shawish joined ExamSoft in 2020 as the Regional Director in Dubai managing EU, ME, and NA regions. Kaied has over 20 years of experience in General Management and Education & Assessment Services in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition to Kaied’s international education and work experience, he is proficient in Arabic and has strong regional roots in the Middle East.

Kaied holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of East London, a PGDip in Change Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in General Management from Birkbeck, University of London. He is passionate about education’s vital role in elevating societies and advancing the economy. Kaied uses his knowledge and experience to develop and facilitate synergy between international and local businesses to best serve the local market.

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