ExamSoft for Certification

Creating and administering secure certification or licensure exams is a significant undertaking. And many organizations do it well. But when the global pandemic forced an unanticipated pivot to online or remote exams, things became more complicated. 

ExamSoft can help organizations deliver assessments of all types, regardless of modality. The software is flexible enough and secure enough to use for in-person and remote exams. With a secure, computer-based assessment platform, organizations can streamline their exam processes while maintaining a high level of exam integrity – upholding the value of the credential.

With the right digital testing platform, organizations gain the additional benefit of scale and efficiency.  For example, exam-takers don’t have to travel to a specific location at a scheduled time. Exam administrators also save time and expenses by not having to book hotel conference rooms or other large sites with the appropriate infrastructure for in-person exams. And more exam-takers can sit for tests at one time – no more limitations by room size – allowing certification bodies to scale and minimize wait lists. With ExamSoft, these testing organizations  can also allow both in-person and remote  exams at the same time – providing additional flexibility and a consistent testing-taking experience for all candidates.

What else do you get by using ExamSoft for certification exams?

  • Optional remote proctoring and identity verification
  • Reliability with offline exams – the internet is required only for downloading exams and uploading answers – not during the actual exam
  • Improved understanding of exam-taker performance through assessment data
  • Better understanding of exam item and overall assessment quality through reporting and analytics

Over the last 23 years, ExamSoft has helped organizations deliver certification and licensure assessments to millions of exam-takers. How can we help you?

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Published: February 8, 2022

Updated: July 18, 2023

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