Using Category Tagging to Educate with Intention

An Outcomes-Centered Approach to Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

How Data-Driven Assessment Supports Intentionality in Education

Whether planning a course or developing a curriculum, educators have specific goals in mind for student learning. While it can be challenging to track progress toward these goals, category tagging makes it possible to center assessment on specific outcomes and generate category-based reports to see how students, courses, and programs are performing.

Download the guidebook to learn how digital assessment with category tagging helps to promote intentionality in every aspect of the educational process. With insights from category reporting, educators can:

  • Gain performance insights for individual students to deliver targeted remediation
  • Adjust instruction based on course-wide performance trends
  • Identify content area gaps to inform course and curricular development
  • Analyze performance to determine compliance with accreditation standards

Fill out the form below to download the guidebook.


Fill out the form below to download the guidebook.