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“We felt there had to be a better way to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses while reducing the potential for cheating. We found it.”

Dr. Jayne Pawasauskus, University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy

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ExamSoft supports educators in their core mission of maximizing student outcomes:

    • Promotes higher confidence in student learning

      Detailed assessment feedback reveals how prepared students are for major exams, including post-graduation certification

    • Prevents and deters Academic Dishonesty

      Maintaining academic integrity requires vigilance and assessment tools, including secure software that completely locks down the exam-taker’s device and blocks access to WiFi.

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    • Cuts back faculty workload to save time

      Educators can minimise the time spent creating, administering, and grading exams with ExamSoft so they can focus more on core educational activities

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    • Provides powerful data insights to guide students

      Tagging questions to categories allows for detailed feedback on areas of strength and weakness in students’ understanding of the material

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    • Helps guide improvements in curriculum and exams

      Class-wide and program-wide data trends can expose possible gaps in the curriculum and help determine if exam questions are too easy, too hard, or just right

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    • Eases the accreditation process

      Performance data can be linked to key student learning outcomes, making it easy to prove a program is meeting all standards for accreditation

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Who We Serve

ExamSoft assessment solutions work for a variety of industries and programs. In addition to higher ed, we help businesses, organisations, and government entities with certification and licensure exams.

Within the education space, we serve many types of programs and institutions. Below are just a few of the disciplines using ExamSoft for their assessment needs.

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  • es law lincolnmemorialuniversity casestudy us 1122

    As LMU Law sought full ABA accreditation, it turned to ExamSoft data and functionality to help demonstrate student learning outcomes and to improve Bar passage rates among its graduates. ExamSoft’s Strengths & Opportunities Reports for students helped transform student studying and faculty instruction, resulting in full accreditation in 2018.

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  • es nsg arizonacollege casestudy us 1122

    Being a relatively new school with plans for growth, Arizona College saw the need for a tool that allowed for collaboration across geographically distributed campuses. It also wanted to standardize student evaluations, ensuring more uniformity across its programs. With ExamSoft, AC could raise the bar on testing and create higher quality exams.

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  • es nsg northwesternoklahomastate casestudy us 1122

    Northwestern Oklahoma State School of Nursing was facing historically low NCLEX pass rates — with an accreditation visit looming. The school needed help fast. It adopted ExamSoft and got faculty up-to-speed over a summer and dramatically improved licensure exam pass rates in just one year, going from 72% to 92% of nursing students passing.

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