Professional Development through ExamSoft Assessment Solutions


All teachers have the same professional goal—to positively affect student outcomes. Educators across all levels and disciplines spend a large amount of time making sure their students are successful. Before we can focus on student success, though, attention also should be given to what it means to be a successful educator. When teachers are successful at their roles, so too are students. However, as students and educational techniques evolve, it sometimes becomes hard to have the time or resources to adapt with them.

When the end goal is helping students succeed, professional development shouldn’t be an afterthought. For more than 20 years, ExamSoft has been the assessment software that leading educational programs have trusted with their formative and summative assessments. Now, ExamSoft is partnering with experts in education and assessment to help foster the professional development that many require to continue to provide that support to their students, colleagues, and institutions.

The ExamSoft Assessment Solutions and You (EAS+Y) program will provide consulting services on an array of different topics. From psychometrics to student outcomes assessment, the EAS+Y team is available to assist with creating or improving processes and methodologies that matter to your program or institution. Below are just some of the topics EAS+Y experts are available to assist with:

  • Exam Items/Outcomes
  • Category Mapping
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Instructional Design Support
  • Improving Student Outcomes
  • Research and Beyond

The EAS+Y team is composed of practiced experts within various roles and educational disciplines. Regardless of the specific goals your institution is working toward, EAS+Y will match you and your team with the consultant with the appropriate background and expertise. Our goal as a team is to make your team successful at whatever goal you are working toward—making sure you are matched with the most relevant professional is key to that success.

Teaching methods are an important consideration when maximizing the retention of knowledge. In addition to making sure your consultant is the right expert for your needs, we also understand the importance of receiving this information in the proper format. Depending on your location, timeline, and development needs, content delivered through EAS+Y is available through multiple format types. Targeted webinars, interactive virtual workshops, and on-site presentations are all options for your institution to consider.

Whether your educational program needs additional help preparing for an accreditation site visit or help with using our software for more than just digital examinations, ExamSoft wants to help. By partnering with you to provide the intuitive assessment software and professional development opportunities needed to achieve your goals, our team believes that we all can achieve the same objective—improved student outcomes … and we can’t wait to help.

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