Pedagogo S2-E1 The Importance of Attunement in Our Assessments and Classrooms


With Fall 2020 beginning mid-pandemic, both online and on ground, mid-protest, and mid-election cycle, it’s more important now than ever to invite culture to inform our pedagogy, but doing it “right” can be daunting. Join host Dr. Allison Case as she sits down with two thought leaders on the topics of cultural attunement and responsiveness, NYU’s Dr. Michele Crespo-Fierro and UNT Dallas College of Law’s Angela Downes as they discuss what cultural attunement is, what information and tools you have available to you right now, how to use them to know, honor and connect with your students, and to be encouraged that it’s not just about getting it right but making the effort that matters. Don’t miss this powerful first episode of Pedagogo, Season 2.


Show Notes and Resources
Infographic: Understanding the Role of Culture in the Classroom
Allison referenced Brene Brown’s book, Dare to Lead, linked here:
Angela mentions the work of Gary Howard @ the Equity Institute. For more information:
Angela references Harvard University’s Project Implicit. You can find more information and tests here:

Published: September 15, 2020

Updated: July 17, 2023

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