Pedagogo S2-E2 Sustainable Virtual Classrooms


While it’s clear no one was a fan of the rapid transition to online learning in Spring 2020, do you know what distinguishes sustainable, enjoyable remote learning from Spring’s emergency remote teaching? Join Dr. Allison Case, along with her guests Lauren Wright, Director of Program Development at Wiley Education Services, and Jimmy Arvan, a senior at Boston University, as they explore the hallmarks of sustainable online learning, and how to create intentional, meaningful online environments where students thrive and faculty presence is felt throughout.

Show Notes and Resources:
Teaching Online: A Practical Guide– By Susan Ko and Steve Rossen
How Learning Works By Susan Ambrose, Michael W. Bridges, Michele DiPietro, Marsha C. Lovett, and Marie K. Norman
Online Teaching At Its Best By Linda Nilson and Ludwika A. Goodson
Small Teaching Online: Practical Strategies to Increase Student Engagement and Learning By Flower Darby

Disclosure: The resources Lauren shared with us are published by Wiley