Pedagogo S2-E4 Inclusive Assessment: Find Out What You Might Be Missing


Have you ever given an assessment that was not about content? While content may still be king, it is not in the castle alone. Join Dr. Allison Case and her guest, Dr. Christina Paguyo, Director of Academic Assessment at the University of Denver, as they explore inclusive assessment—the layering of non-content based assessments on top of traditional content assessments as a way to better serve and respond to our students so they can fully engage with our class and our content.

Show Notes and Resources:
Dr. Virginia Pitts talks about, having clarity about what you want students to walk away with when they leave your class five years from now, they’re looking back and thinking about your class, what knowledge, what ideas, what feelings would you want to have endure?
Rachel Toor , who is a writing professor. She wrote about this in the Chronicle of Higher Education, but she has created community and online settings with a low stakes ungraded assessment.
Flower Darby and James Lang, which is a ‘Small Teaching Online’ book that I highly recommend. She talks about providing audio feedback.
North Star reference:
Stress test:
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Published: October 6, 2020

Updated: March 16, 2023

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