Pedagogo S1-E2 Pedagogy, Not Panic-Gogy Part 2

pedagogo s1 e2 speakers feature

In Episode 2 of the Pedagogo podcast, Mark Spitzer, Associate Director of Client Solutions at ExamSoft and host Dr. Allison Case continue their conversation about the pivot to remote learning with a discussion of how to effectively deliver assessment in a post-COVID virtual classroom. Whether teaching face-to-face or in an online environment, Dr. Case explains that assessment plays an important role by helping students to identify gaps in knowledge and preparing them for future assessments. Mark reiterates the continued importance of assessment and the ability to provide timely feedback via reporting and analytics in order to keep students motivated. By using tools like ExamSoft’s category tagging and Strength and Opportunities reports, faculty and students can easily identify areas of learning that need improvement and adjust teaching methods and study habits accordingly. Features like these can help ensure a smooth transition to virtual learning by lending focus and providing clear objectives. For listeners with a digital assessment platform, Dr. Case suggests sharing a class average and range of scores, using class time to review the top missed questions, and allowing students to spend time categorizing questions they missed. Mark advises faculty to establish a set of best practices for exam day, like abbreviating exam length, considering options for offline exams, setting a time limit, and using tools and settings to help promote exam security. Mark notes that using different question types and varying the assessment format can help keep students engaged and reinforce deep learning in a remote setting.

Published: September 10, 2020

Updated: February 2, 2022

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