Pedagogo S1-E1 Pedagogy, Not Panic-Gogy Part 1

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In the first episode of the Pedagogo podcast, Mark Spitzer, Associate Director of Client Solutions at ExamSoft, joins host Dr. Allison Case for a discussion of the sudden shift to remote learning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps educators can take to successfully transition to a virtual classroom. Dr. Case suggests that rather than going into panic mode or compromising the quality of learning environment, educators should focus on maintaining three core aspects of the classroom: instruction, community, and assessment. Dr. Case also identifies some major stumbling blocks and building blocks that educators should consider when creating a remote classroom. Some of the challenges include adjusting expectations of a virtual learning environment and tailoring the classroom to accommodate the unique needs of each student. Among the strategies for a successful transition, Dr. Case suggests finding new methods for delivering content, rethinking how to use class time, and reshaping assignments to better suit the new online format. In closing, Mark and Dr. Case underline the importance of promoting a sense of community in the classroom to encourage meaningful interactions in a time when the entire world is feeling the need for connection.

Infographic: Key Points, Building Blocks, & Stumbling Blocks

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Pedagogy, Not Panic-Gogy (Part 1)


Published: September 9, 2020

Updated: July 17, 2023

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