Infographic: Paving the Way to Efficiency

infographic efficiency and savings examsoft

Four Real Examples of How Institutions Gained Efficiencies Through ExamSoft

  1. Paperless Assessments Pay Off
    One client administered 76,000 digital exams in a single semester, saving an estimated $800,000 in printing costs.
  2. Clear Learning Outcomes Reduce Dropout
    Using tagged questions in tandem with objective-based lectures, one client reduced dropout rates from 8% to 2%, reclaiming an estimated $2.2 million in annual revenue.
  3. Data Is Key to Student Retention
    A University of North Texas chemistry course decreased its annual Drop, Fail, Withdraw rate by 27% with personalized performance reports, for an estimated savings of $63,000 per semester.
  4. Save Time in Accreditation Prep
    Using actionable data from longitudinal analysis reports, Northwestern Oklahoma State School of Nursing improved NCLEX pass rates from 72% to 92%.

Published: February 16, 2022

Updated: March 14, 2023

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