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A Complete
Assessment Solution
for Law Schools

Satisfy ABA Standards and Improve Bar Success

ExamSoft is the complete digital learning assessment platform that supports law schools nationwide in preparing the next generation of lawyers. This highly efficient, time-saving platform works to satisfy new and longstanding ABA accreditation standards and helps ensure law schools are set up for programmatic and student success.

That’s why more than 65% of U.S. law schools trust ExamSoft to improve student performance, increase bar passage rates, and streamline accreditation reviews.

Start Gaining A Holistic View of All Student Performance With One Platform

ExamSoft has easy-to-use features that not only help satisfy new and longstanding ABA accreditation standards, but also help to ensure law schools are set up for programmatic and student success. It’s all included in one, user-friendly platform.

  • Properly evaluate student learning, as well as mastery of the content and application of the principles
  • Tag exam questions with customizable categories pertaining to law school learning objectives
  • Create student-focused performance reports with longitudinal analysis
  • Design proactive remediation strategies and improve student retention
  • Provide evidence that all ABA accreditation standards are satisfied
  • Protect exam integrity with security features that lock down devices during exams
  • Download this brochure for law schools for more information on how ExamSoft helps you meets each specific ABA requirement
Bar Passage Program: Preparing Law Students for Bar Success

ExamSoft is partnered with BARBRI®, the leading experts in legal education and bar preparation, to help prepare law students for the bar and increase passage rates. Get actionable insights into student learning from these core components: robust question bank and the ExamSoft digital assessment platform.

Launching Successful Law
Careers by the Score

  • Provide targeted remediation
  • Improve exam content
  • Increase student retention