ExamSoft and ScholarRx Announce Partnership


ExamSoft and ScholarRx announce partnership to provide Rx Brick Assessment Banks, high-quality, secure assessments for medical and other health science education programs.

DALLAS, Texas,  November 11, 2020 – ExamSoft, a secure assessment platform that provides robust data and analytics to help faculty with accreditation, remediation and student outcomes is pleased to partner with ScholarRx, an industry leading health science digital learning company, to provide expert-developed, secure assessment items for medical and other health science education programs – created by ScholarRx and powered by ExamSoft.

The Rx Brick Assessment Banks are appropriate for use in all pre-clinical, medical and health science programs. These ready-to-use banks of high-quality questions are reserved for faculty use in summative and secure examinations in preclinical courses and can be pre-loaded into the ExamSoft platform for immediate use.

ExamSoft’s unique exam software enables over 1,900 academic institutions and professional licensure and certification programs to deliver exams within the most secure type of digital environment. Using a team of experienced educators and professional medical editors, ScholarRx has developed secure question banks covering the breadth of the typical foundational course material that is taught in the preclinical curriculum, comparable to the range of subjects covered on certification exams. This combination of content and educational technology provides ExamSoft users with easy and immediate access to assessment items from ScholarRx.

Dr. Tao Le, founder and chief education officer, ScholarRx states, “We’re pleased to partner with ExamSoft to help address schools need for high-quality assessment items. The combination of ExamSoft’s secure and reliable test-creation platform with ScholarRx’s comprehensive and professionally developed assessment items provides medical and health science educators with a powerful, time-saving tool to produce and deliver summative exams.”

“Medical schools have long trusted ExamSoft as a leading partner in bringing the highest level of security and visibility to their faculty and students,” said Sebastian Vos, CEO of ExamSoft. “Partnering with ScholarRx in this way enables the direct delivery of quality exam questions to our clients through the ExamSoft platform. We believe this partnership supports our goals of increasing faculty efficiency and improving learning outcomes students.”

About ExamSoft

ExamSoft, a Turnitin company, is an education technology company based in Dallas, Texas, that builds scalable software solutions that provide the highest level of exam security and integrity to education and certification institutions across a variety of verticals, settings and modalities. ExamSoft software gives educators and test-takers actionable data to improve performance and create meaningful efficiencies in grading, exam-building, psychometrics and overall assessment. The ExamSoft mission is to deliver superior assessment solutions to increase learning performance for every student, instructor and institution. ExamSoft currently serves more than 1,900 prominent academic, certification and licensing programs and has successfully administered over 63 million exams.

About ScholarRx

ScholarRx is a mission-driven organization currently serving over 150,000 medical students and physician learners annually. Built by the team that created First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, ScholarRx has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of medical students to prepare for the boards through its comprehensive USMLE-Rx digital learning environment. ScholarRx has recently launched a revolutionary componentized, multi-competency curricular platform that empowers faculty and medical schools to rapidly develop high-quality education experiences, even in resource-constrained environments.