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High-Quality Assessment
Banks for Health Sciences
& Medicine

Rx Brick Assessment Banks provide pre-written assessment items for medical schools and other health science programs — created by ScholarRx and powered by ExamSoft.

These board-style questions are conveniently pre-loaded into the ExamSoft portal to help educators improve summative, high-stakes assessment quality and prepare students for certification exams.

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Increase exam passage rates with high-quality, pre-written questions.

Increase Certification
Exam Passage Rates

Rx Brick Assessment Banks include more than 2,000 ready-to-use items aligned with material taught in preclinical curriculum and cover a breadth of subjects that appear on certification exams, such as the USLME.

Customizable, Organized
Exam Content

Assessment items are grouped into 15 multimedia modules built around key lessons and learning objectives, from basic science topics to clinical concepts.

Faculty have the flexibility to mix and match items from within modules or add questions of their own for completely customized exams.

Improve student outcomes with organized item topics.

Provide Targeted
Student Remediation

Exam items are organized by body system or discipline, making it easy for students to identify specific areas for improvement.

Each Rx Brick Assessment Bank includes short lessons to contextualize key topics and built-in review tools to immediately test student knowledge or revisit any unfamiliar concepts.

Quality Content,
Curated by Experts

Rx Brick Assessment Bank items are professionally prepared by a group of experienced medical educators across the U.S. and vetted by the editorial team of faculty experts at ScholarRx.

Assessment items are expertly developed by a group of medical educators.
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