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ExamMonitor allows educators to deliver secure proctored assessments, even in remote locations. ExamMonitor captures video and audio of exam takers during an assessment and uses strong AI-enabled analysis to detect attempts at academic dishonesty and ensure exam integrity.


[00:00:00] Exam security can be a challenge even in the best of situations, but if you’re proctoring on a large scale or remote assessment, the obstacles to creating a secure and fair testing environment can be overwhelming. Exam Monitor is an A.I. and Human Review remote proctoring solution that watches over exam takers throughout their entire assessment, regardless of where they complete their exam. Exam Monitor captures audio and video recordings of the exam taker using both webcam and screen capture through every moment of their exam, creating a detailed record of their actions. Once the exam is complete, the footage is uploaded to exam soft. A comprehensive report of possible anomalies is provided for educators to review, coupled with exam taker verification from exam ID and unparalleled testing security from EXEMPLIFY. Exam Monitor provides the holistic exam integrity process needed to prevent academic dishonesty. Exam Monitor can help ensure the secure assessment environment your institution requires on exam day. Learn more about exam monitor at ExamSoft.com.

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