ExamSoft Assessment Solutions + You (EAS+Y)


ExamSoft Assessment Solutions + You (EASY) offers educational experts dedicated to positively influencing student, faculty, and programmatic success using assessment best practices.

EAS+Y Consulting


Webinars are offered in 60 or 120 minute increments both domestically and offshore.  Webinars do not have to be used in the same semester they are purchased. Webinars can be delivered on two types of topics – either targeted topic from the ExamSoft approved topic list or custom topics that the client chooses that are not a part of the EAS+Y Targeted Topic List for an additional cost. ExamSoft may customize the webinar to tailor it to your program, content or data if agreed as part of the scope and pricing. 60 minute webinars provide limited time for questions at the conclusion of the webinar. 120 minute webinars are more interactive and allow more time for questions and interaction between the presenter and your faculty. All webinars are recorded and the recording will be provided to the client after the webinar has been completed. Webinars must be scheduled with the consultant at least 30 days in advance at a mutually agreeable time.

On-site visits

On-site visits can be booked in 1, 2, or 3 day increments both domestically and offshore. Each day includes 1 consultant and 5 hours of in person instruction/workshops covering pre-agreed upon topics. On site visits typically run 9am – 3pm local time with a 1 hour break for lunch. Travel and session date must be confirmed at least 30 days in advance at a mutually agreeable time. For travel outside the US, additional fees (to include travel and per diem) may apply. Standard on site visits cover basic topics (item writing, psychometrics and reporting).  These topics provide faculty with a firm foundation upon which to grow assessment and accreditation best practices. Custom on-site visits that deviate from the standard on site visit topics are also available upon request as agreed as part of the scope and pricing.

Retained Services

This service provides clients and prospects with an EAS+Y consultant on retainer for a pre-determined and agreed upon amount of hours per month and for an agreed upon amount of month(s). The overall duration of the consultant being on retainer must be agreed upon in advance of a contractual agreement. Services provided by the consultant to the clients include any topic related to educational best practices, academic research, and ExamSoft data aggregation at the client’s institution and the topics as well as scope of work must be agreed upon before execution of the Statement of Work. (Travel and per diem not included)