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Simplify & Improve
Your Curriculum
Mapping Process

Visual Reporting to
Ensure All Your
Objectives Are Covered

Map is the intuitive and efficient way to organize and visualize your curriculum to ensure that it meets both your required and preferred objectives.

The “Coverage View” feature generates easy-to-read charts and visualized reports to show exactly where, when, and how often your curriculum satisfies your objectives—making it easier than ever to organize your curriculum, identify gaps, and illustrate opportunities for improvement.

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Educators can combine student assessment data from ExamSoft with the curriculum map for a clear view of year-over-year improvement.

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Making the Curriculum Mapping Process Faster Than Ever

Streamline the entire curriculum mapping process with the digital solution that makes it simple to outline, organize, audit, and revise your curriculum—no matter how complex the curriculum may seem.

Once you’ve uploaded the necessary documents, curriculum mapping is quick and easy. No more formatting issues or confusing spreadsheet functions—simply point and click to build your curriculum map and make changes. Quickly identify and proactively address any issues that can negatively impact student learning, and in turn make progress toward satisfying institutional, programmatic, and course standards.

A Centralized
Communication Hub
for All Stakeholders

Map is designed to serve as the central tool to simplify communication among faculty members and between faculty and administrative leaders, including department heads and deans. By providing a visual representation of the curriculum, Map allows all stakeholders to stay on the same page, minimizing opportunities for miscommunication and mitigating the risk of content gaps.

Our curriculum mapping tool helps ease the strain of coordinating schedules, minimizes the risk of overlooking standards and objectives with centralized planning, and saves valuable time and resources by eliminating the need for spreadsheets or paper-based methods.

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Compatible with
Microsoft Excel® for
Easy Exporting

All the data generated by Map can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel at any time for added utility and convenience.

If you choose to export the data collected from your ExamSoft core platform to Excel, you can manually merge all data for a complete and seamless snapshot of year-over-year performance.

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