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Formative Assessments
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The formative assessment tool that makes it easy to engage students in real time

Formative assessments are a crucial component of in-class learning that help to keep students engaged during lectures. They offer valuable opportunities to assess student progress, provide targeted remediation, and even adjust the curriculum as needed.

With ExamNow, educators at all levels can engage students directly with a completely digital in-class formative assessment tool. ExamNow makes it easier to create, administer, and grade. Plus, get immediate access to advanced data analytics for a deeper understanding of student learning. ExamNow collects student answers instantly and display the results in real-time, helping students internalize key concepts and helping educators gain a more detailed view of student learning.

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ExamNow Makes Formative Assessments Seamless

Streamline your formative assessment process by making it 100% electronic, eliminating the time wasted by handing out, collecting, and grading paper-based quizzes. Now that time can be spent on core educational activities, like addressing student questions and fostering in-class discussion.

ExamNow is a web-based application that students don’t have to download. Students can access ExamNow from any device including smartphones, allowing them to begin the exam within seconds.

ExamNow tallies student responses and aggregates the data immediately, showing results as soon as each question is completed. This immediate feedback allows you to discuss results and answer questions while the material is still fresh in students’ minds.

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Questions can be tagged with the same categories that you created in the main ExamSoft platform. This function, combined with ExamNow’s in-depth data reporting, allows you to assess student progress on the exact learning objectives that you plan to test for in your summative assessments.

ExamNow shows more than the questions students answered correctly or the ones they missed. With ExamNow, you get a clear, holistic view of student learning that allows you to assess their progress across virtually any measure you can imagine, from basic course-level learning objectives to specific accreditation standards, and even cognitive measures like Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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Educators are constantly searching for ways to promote deeper student comprehension beyond the basic cycle of lecturing, assigning homework, and assessing through exams. With ExamNow, you have the ultimate formative assessment tool that allows you to make the most out of your limited in-class opportunities.

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