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ExamSoft is for faculty, staff, and administrators.
With the ExamSoft Portal, you can create and grade exams faster and easier—but that’s just the start.

Use ExamSoft to collect and organize all your assessment data in one place, analyze exam results, generate valuable reports on student learning that highlight individual strengths and opportunities, and provide students with detailed feedback to improve their future performance.

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Examplify is for students and exam takers.
It’s the application they use to download exams prior to the day of the test, and it’s how they take the exam itself.

Examplify can be easily downloaded straight to any student-owned device, including mobile devices like iPads. Students can log in at any time using their unique username/password credentials—and that’s all they need. No more bubble sheets, #2 pencils, or extra prep time.

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Engagement and Polling

ExamNow is the direct audience response tool that helps keep students engaged and collects data from formative assessments, so educators can gain a better understanding of student learning in real time.

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ID Verification

ExamID is the proven two-step identity verification system that eliminates exam taker impersonation for both in-person, large-scale exams and remote exams.

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Proctoring | Invigilation

ExamMonitor effectively identifies academic dishonesty and deters cheating in classrooms and during remote exams—all without an in-person proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

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Performance Assessment | Rubrics

ExamSCORE enables educators to develop objective criteria for subjective  assessments to improve scoring and student feedback. Simplify planning, administration, and grading of OSCEs and ensure that evaluation day runs flawlessly.

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Curriculum Mapping

MAP provides a centralized curriculum planning tool to ensure that all the required and desired topics are covered, while preventing content overlap and making it easier to provide evidence that proves accreditation standards are being met.

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Education Consulting & Faculty Development

ExamSoft Assessment Services + You (EAS+Y) helps educators accelerate their mastery and understanding of assessment data and digital learning assessment platforms with consultation that teaches tips and best practices for addressing the full scope of your assessment and accreditation needs.

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Exam Assessment Content Reserve

ExamSoft is partnered with other leaders in educational assessment to offer ready- made exam content, item banks, and benchmarked exams that help instructors better prepare students for certification and licensure exams.

El Centro
“We spoke to a variety of other companies, but none could match the level of exam security that ExamSoft offered. Its strong reputation and willingness to both listen to and address our needs helped tremendously with faculty buy-in and implementation.”
Joan Becker, Dean of Nursing, El Centro College
UT Austin
“We run longitudinal reports on a course before a comprehensive final to let students know areas of focus for their studies. Students appreciate this guide to help prioritize study time and ensure they are covering areas of weakness.”
Ashley Castleberry, PharmD, MEd Clinical Associate ProfessorUniversity of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy
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