What Does IT Need to Know?

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IT professionals play a key role in ensuring successful implementation and adoption of any new technology. So that you can stay up-to-date on all the current ExamSoft information relevant to you and your role, we have created this list of resources to help make your busy life just a little more simple.

Stay current on Examplify minimum system requirements here:
Mac OS X

You can find the latest version of Examplify here:
Examplify Windows Installer
Examplify Mac OS X Installer
Examplify for iPad Application

Your students may like these detailed instructions on downloading Examplify:
Downloading Examplify for Windows & Mac OS X

In case you need it, here’s how to uninstall Examplify:

Here is a quick guide to disable some of the most common antivirus software:
Disabling Anti-Virus Software

Here are some tips on preparing an iPad for a secure exam:
iOS (including iOS 13+)

Some specifics on LMS integrations:

Importing Questions into the new New Portal is really easy:
Importing Questions

If you need to set up a Lab environment, we will work with you directly to ensure seamless integration with your lab management software (like Deep Freeze or Clean Slate).

You might find these FAQs helpful:


diagram showing the steps to use Examplify