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A Digital Assessment Platform’s Power of Exam Item Categorization

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We use percentages to measure how students are performing—but does that really explain to them how well they’re learning specific course objectives? Watch how ExamSoft’s digital assessment exam item mapping feature can extract the data needed to inform students, faculty, and programs of how everyone is performing.

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[00:00:00] Let’s talk about the number 82 and how you can turn that number into something useful, consider an exam where 82 percent of the questions are answered correctly. But what exactly does that mean and how is that number helpful for educators and students? Let’s break it down. Using learning outcomes, say an educator creates an exam and make sure that some questions are related to knowledge recall and others are related to higher order thinking. With ExamSoft’s categories, questions can be tagged with Bloom’s Taxonomy or course and program specific learning objectives to identify areas in teaching that could use a bit more attention because this exam was created using ExamSoft’s.

[00:00:42] Once the student finishes it, the educator is immediately provided with an easily digestible report that shows the student got 90 percent of the knowledge recall questions correct and 74 percent of the higher order thinking questions correct. Now the educator understands how he or she arrived at the number eighty two and can use ExamSoft’s reporting capabilities to do something constructive to help that student improve. ExamSoft’s reports are available in two types. The first is individual exam reporting, including individual item analysis and category reports, which help programs easily assess the strength of their curriculum. Educators get a crystal clear view of how their students are performing in specific topics, allowing them to review and remediate on the spot. The second is longitudinal reporting. This allows educators to view the data of multiple exams over time to assess student performance towards learning objectives.

[00:01:41] From a broader perspective, faculty and administrators can even compare and contrast class performance over time to give a creditors a full scope of student learning and gauge which concepts students may have struggled with during different points in the semester.

[00:01:56] With ExamSoft, you have exactly what it takes to build a competent exam, plus the detailed data you’ll need to take your students learning to the next level. Ready to learn more about how ExamSoft’s can help you find out what lies behind the number 82. All you have to do is get started. Schedule a demo today.