Authority of Health and Medical Education (MIZAN) to Deliver Digital Assessments with ExamSoft

AHMED MIZAN in Iraq adopts ExamSoft for digital assessment

Iraqi medical education group becomes first in the country to adopt ExamSoft

Dallas, TX – March 17, 2022 – ExamSoft is pleased to announce that The Authority of Health and Medical Education (MIZAN) has become ExamSoft’s 2,200nd client and first in Iraq.

Founded in 2016 to establish high-quality assessment and accreditation standards in medical education, MIZAN is focused on excellence in training programs and improvement in health services in Iraq. By implementing ExamSoft for digital testing, the organization intends to raise the level of medical education and assessment in Iraq and beyond.

MIZAN offers 19 postgraduate speciality training programs as well as 10 undergraduate programs. The organization plans to implement ExamSoft for its online medical undergrad students first, then branching out to additional programs in medicine, nursing and pharmacy. The organization plans to use ExamSoft for both formative and summative exams.

Dr. Sattar Jabar Saadi, President of the Authority of Health and Medical Education, notes that digital assessment is an important piece of the work the organization is doing to elevate education in Iraq.

“We believe that with ExamSoft we can achieve valid and reliable assessments,” he said. “We will also be able to follow the progress of students through formative assessments as the administration of exams is feasible and easy for both faculty and students.”

By using the built-in reporting features within ExamSoft, Dr. Saadi and the faculty using the platform will be able to evaluate student progress and success over the course of their time within the program.

“The reporting and analysis from ExamSoft will be helpful for us as we seek to improve learning outcomes and education overall,” Dr. Saadi said.

Eric Connelly, Regional Vice President of Sales – ExamSoft, said, “We are excited to bring on new partners like MIZAN that are working to advance education and assessment for all. I also think it’s meaningful that our first relationship in Iraq is with a medical education organization since ExamSoft is the primary provider of digital assessment for medical colleges in the United States as well as many other countries around the world.”


The Authority of Health and Medical Education (MIZAN) is a not-for-profit organization based in Iraq, serving higher education in the important areas of medicine, nursing and pharmacy. The organization serves undergraduate and graduate students in more than 20 programs. Founded in 2016, the organization is inspired by excellence and innovation and offers a variety of educational options and opportunities for students in the Middle East and beyond.

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Media contact:
Nici Sandberg

Middle East contact:
Kaied Shawish

Published: March 17, 2022

Updated: March 14, 2023

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