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ExamSoft’s suite of assessment software provides educators with the tools needed to bank exam items, create, deliver, and grade exams, and then report on student, course, and program performance. With unparalleled exam security and robust assessment reporting capabilities, ExamSoft can help streamline the assessment process from start to finish.

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[00:00:00] Getting the most out of your assessment process doesn’t have to mean long hours or stacks of paper from start to finish exam software. Embedded assessment platform helps educators create, administer and grade both objective or subjective assessments and then provide real time, robust analytics to help with both student remediation and curriculum revision. Here’s a deeper dive into some of the features our software uses to help make your assessment process more efficient as well as valuable.

[00:00:32] First, let’s create your assessment. ExamSoft’s online portal provides educators with an easy to use platform to create and collaborate on exams. Creating exams can be as easy as using the filtering tool to search for questions by performance value, topic, or contributor. Or by blueprint in your exam and studying requirements for the number of questions related to a certain topic, learning objective or author, getting existing questions into ExamSoft is easy and efficient, with bulk importing and inline question editing, creating new questions. Choose from multiple choice, fill in the blank essay, true false matching and hot spot item types. Want to include a video or audio clip with a question? No Worries! ExamSoft supports multimedia and all common file types. Now comes the best part. Once items are in ExamSoft, you can further enhance assessments by tagging questions to categories any type of outcome or objective you’d like to measure course programmatic, institutional or even accreditation standards. Educators can set up and use as many categories as they would like and implement rules on administrator visibility and usage as well. We’ll come back to categories in just a second. With the exam created, the exam file can be downloaded onto students devices with ExamSoft’s offline testing solution Examplify, don’t worry, the file is locked and encrypted. Students can’t access the file until the password is given out during the exam. EXAMPLIFY does three things really well. First, it completely blocks the internet, adding extra security and eliminating Wi-Fi dependency.

[00:02:23] Second, Examplify completely locks down devices helping to combat academic dishonesty, and finally, the user interface is designed to help students easily navigate their exams. Once completed, exams can be automatically graded at the touch of a button. If you’re assessing more subjective forms of student work, such as essays or clinical evaluations, ExamSoft’s rubrics tool gives educators the ability to efficiently score student performance based on an objective scale. If applicable, educators can provide students with real time feedback on their performance and by tagging evaluation dimensions to the same categories as your objective assessments. Reporting on student performance is both comprehensive and easy. Speaking of reporting, how exactly do those categories we mentioned earlier work by tagging questions to specific outcomes exam soft can run real time, easily digestible reports showing performance to these specific topics or objectives. These customizable reports can be as robust or as specific as needed and then distributed to faculty, students and administrators to help them digest assessment results on a personal institution. Wide scale students gain access to detailed exam level and longitudinal outcome reports, which not only aid and self directed learning, but also give students a powerful tool to guide them when seeking feedback from professors and tutors. Unlock the power of efficient and secure testing coupled with real time assessment analytics to effect real change for your students, faculty and entire institution. For an in-depth look at how exam staff can transform your educational program, schedule a personalized tour today.

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