ExamSoft D2L LMS Integration

ExamSoft and D2L Integrate to Create a Seamless Assessment Process

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[00:00:02] Learning management systems offer educational programs, a solution for centralizing documentation, administration and classroom learning. This is why ExamSoft has placed such an emphasis on making sure our platform integrates with learning management systems as seamlessly as possible. With just a few easy clicks, your student rosters, courses and finish grades will sink back and forth between your elements in the ExamSoft’s portal. Let’s walk through just how easy and intuitive this process is with a quick demonstration to begin select and set up your school’s elements.

[00:00:37] After completing a few simple steps within the LMS and verifying key information in exam sopped, you’ll be ready to customize your integration experience. ExamSoft offers tremendous flexibility by allowing you to choose the courses that you would like to think over. You can see that the courses live within each department, making organization easy and fluid. It’s important to note here that during configuration you have the option to select an autopsying setting that ensures students will be integrated automatically.

[00:01:10] Your student roster and course have been successfully sent over to exam softs platform. Now you’re ready to deliver an exam after the exam is complete, you can instantly review your assessments and adjust student scores as necessary once this is completed. It’s just a few more clicks to push the finalized grades back over to your elements. When you head back over to your elements, you can see the scoring information is now available and that’s it. Elam’s integration’s made easy with exams off to learn how ExamSoft’s platform can make your assessment process easier. Schedule a personalized tour today.