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Supporting Career
Success for
Medical Students

ExamSoft is the Platform that

Does More for Medical Schools



With ExamSoft, medical schools can measure student learning and competency with even greater accuracy and validity. The digital assessment platform with a user-friendly interface helps medical programs achieve both required and desired learning objectives including specific objectives outlined by accrediting bodies like LCME, COCA, and ACGME.

Prepare Students for
Future Career Success
in the Medical Field
  • Familiarize students with the Step 1 and Step 2 exam environments and help improve passage rates
  • Streamline exam creation, data management, and data analysis
  • Gain a holistic view of all student performance with detailed performance reviews
  • Choose from multiple assessment types for formative and summative assessments, including true/false, multiple choice, performance evaluations, essays, presentations, and clinical evaluations
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All Ivy League Medical Schools Use ExamSoft

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ExamSoft Organizes and
Visualizes Student Data to Help
Guide Learning Outcomes,
Improve Pass Rates, and Prepare
Students for Successful Careers
  • Get advanced exam security features that protect exam integrity and deter academic dishonesty
  • Categorize exam questions to licensure objectives, programmatic goals, or accreditation standards and improve curriculum development
  • Choose from multiple assessment types that fit the hands-on learning found in medical education
  • Create detailed Strengths and Opportunities reports and provide more timely, individualized, data-driven feedback that can increase student retention