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Improving Efficiency
for Liberal Arts

Save Time and Reduce Workload with A Secure Assessment Platform

ExamSoft helps liberal arts programs make exams easier to create, deliver, and grade while generating valuable assessment data that provides true learning insights. ExamSoft is the digital assessment platform that even provides a secure and reliable way for students to upload various types of assignments, so educators can worry less about paper-based processes.

Start saving time and reduce the workload associated with exams, subjective assignments, student research papers, essay questions, and more.

The Complete Digital Solution That Streamlines Exam Creation, Delivery, and Grading
  • Choose from multiple assessment types that fit the needs of the liberal arts program
  • Categorize exam questions to specific learning objectives, programmatic goals, or accreditation standards
  • Get advanced exam security features that protect exam integrity and deter academic dishonesty
  • Create detailed Strengths and Opportunities reports and provide more timely, individualized, data-driven feedback that can increase student retention
  • Instantly grade exams upon completion with customizable grading/scoring options
  • Test anywhere, at any time, and on multiple devices without compromising security
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Easily Organize, Administer,
and Evaluate Subjective Assignments

ExamSCORE is an extension of the ExamSoft platform that offers a centralized, easy-to-use efficient application that makes subjective assessments for liberal arts uniform and objective. Now educators can be empowered with rubrics-based scoring to minimize subjectivity and grade student work with improved consistency and accuracy.

  • Create a structured system to properly evaluate the applicable knowledge and competency of every student
  • Easily deliver and grade every aspect of subjective assignments with a more streamlined evaluation process
  • Provide students with timely feedback with the option of including grader comments for remediation purposes