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Helping Business Schools
Improve Student Success

The Leading End-to-End Exam Solution for Business Schools

With ExamSoft business school software, business schools get comprehensive support to streamline the entire assessment process—from exam creation and delivery to data collection, organization, and analysis. The digital assessment platform features customizable reporting options and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for business schools to do more with less effort.

Start Gaining a Holistic View of All Student Performance with One Platform
  • Monitor and influence student learning outcomes
  • Increase retention rates by identifying at-risk students for timely remediation
  • Provide evidence of AACSB accreditation standards
  • Maintain consistency throughout the curriculum and business program
  • Make it easier for students to complete and submit exams in bring-your-own-device exam environments
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ExamSoft Organizes and
Visualizes Student Data to
Help Guide Learning Outcomes,
Improve Pass Rates, and Prepare
Students for Successful Careers
  • Get advanced exam security features that protect exam integrity and deter academic dishonesty
  • Categorize exam questions to licensure objectives, programmatic goals, or accreditation standards and improve curriculum development
  • Provide evidence of AACSB accreditation standards
  • Choose from multiple assessment types that fit the needs of the program
  • Create detailed Strengths and Opportunities reports and provide more timely, individualized, data-driven feedback that can increase student retention