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Deliver better formative assessments with exam content created by leaders in education

For programs that require certification and licensure exams, it’s vital to identify student readiness early enough to provide time for proper student remediation.

ExamSoft has partnered with renowned leaders in educational assessment to offer high-quality, pre-categorized exam content that helps instructors assess if their students are ready to pass the big exam and start their careers.

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Kaplan Pharmacy &
Kaplan Physician Assistant
Accurately assess student retention of key concepts and clinical readiness with exam content for Pharmacy and Physician Assistant programs. All content is pre-loaded and completely customizable, developed by the worldwide education and certification exam leaders.
    Kaplan Pharmacy
    • OSCE cases and associated rubrics
    Kaplan Physician Assistant
    • OSCE cases and associated rubrics
    • Multiple choice questions
Clinical Judgment Exams — Retention & Readiness

Get access to content for nursing programs that will help you continuously improve student learning outcomes, empower students for NCLEX® success, enable timely feedback, and develop practice readiness.

  • High-quality assessments by NurseThink categorized in accordance with NCLEX and QSEN
  • Extensive question bank for creating custom assessments or augmenting existing assessments
  • Performance reports that highlight specific individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Robust rationale included foreach exam item to facilitate better self-remediation
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Bar Passage
The Bar Passage Program is offered exclusively by ExamSoft and BARBRI®, the leading experts in legal education and bar preparation services. The program is designed to help law schools increase bar passage rates through early assessment and targeted remediation.
  • Two nationally benchmarked assessments to be administered at the beginning of the 2L and 3L terms
  • An expansive bank of over 1,000 pre-categorized multiple choice questions, complete with rationales to build your own formative assessments
  • Predictive reporting that effectively calculates each law student’s likelihood of passing the MBE
RxBrick Assessment Banks

Improve the quality of summative, high-stakes exams with pre-written assessment items, aligned with preclinical curriculum material and a breadth of subjects that appear on certification exams, such as the USLME®.

  • Over 2,000 ready-to-use items for medical schools and other health science programs
  • 15 multi-media modules built around learning objectives and organized by body system or discipline
  • Short lessons accompanying each item bank to contextualize key topics or revisit any unfamiliar concepts
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