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Deliver Exams from
Any Location

On-Campus or Remote.

ExamSoft Works with any Modality.

ExamSoft offers computer-based assessment solutions that give you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your program and institution, so you can deliver exams any way you need to—from the classroom or from home. With ExamSoft, you can give your learners a consistent assessment experience regardless of whether they’re taking their exams from home or in the classroom.

  • Secure Exams
  • Faculty and Admin Efficiency
  • Insightful Data and Analytics

A More Controlled Testing Environment

Protect the integrity of your exams by administering assessments offline - from any location - with a platform that fully controls test-taking devices.

Complete Device Control

All programs are disabled on an exam taker’s device, including internet access, web browsers, screensavers, and software applications

Exam Taker Insights

Every action is logged and timestamped during the exam including keystrokes, text entries, time spent on questions, content deletions, and back-and-forth navigation

Exam Item Security

Option to randomize questions and answers so exam takers aren’t seeing the same content

Advanced Integrity Options

Verify the Identity of Each Exam Taker

ExamID eliminates the possibility for exam taker impersonation with a two-step identification process.

1. Unique Usernames and Passwords
2. Biometric facial recognition

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Remote Proctoring | Invigilation

ExamMonitor works with ExamID to provide the highest level of exam security. Identify and deter academic dishonesty without being in the room with exam takers.

  • Continuously monitors video and audio throughout the assessment
  • Advanced A.I. software detects abnormal student behavior and sounds that will often indicate when a student is potentially cheating
  • All flagged incidents are analyzed by a trained professional and verifiable cheating attempts are documented for course admins to review

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Faculty and Administrator Efficiency

Computer-based testing is an efficient way to assess learners in any educational format, but it’s especially valuable in a remote setting. Students and instructors use one cohesive system, allowing for automated grading that saves hours of instructor time and sends immediate feedback to students.

  • No back-and-forth emails with attachments of exams
  • Instant objective grading
  • Digital item bank
  • No need for multiple software solutions

Data & Reporting

With ExamSoft, you have access to insightful student, course, and program performance data — regardless of modality. Quickly and easily find opportunities for student remediation and instruction adjustments to improve learning outcomes, engagement, and retention.

  • Strengths & Opportunities reports for learners
  • Item-level analysis of difficulty level, point biserial, discrimination index, and more
  • Average score and KR-20 value for each exam
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