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Linking Learning
Objectives to
Accreditation Standards

Easily Match Student Performance to Required Course Objectives

Providing accreditors with a list of course and programmatic objectives is only the first step in demonstrating standard compliance. With ExamSoft, you can map all exam items to specific course outcomes and accreditation criteria, allowing you to gain a clear understanding of your institution’s current compliance with certain requirements, identify any gaps in the curriculum, and quickly generate the reporting and documentation necessary for upcoming site visits—saving faculty, staff, and administrators time and effort.

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Make Accreditation Reviews
Easier with ExamSoft

Demonstrate Compliance
  • Provide statistical evidence of student, course, and programmatic success within specific accreditation standards. 
Pinpoint Student Learning
  • Customizable performance reports make it easy to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses for any given time period. Compare student performance against learning objectives. 
Create Consensus with Data
  • Make well-informed, data-driven decisions to unite the efforts of faculty and staff.

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Provide Evidence of Campus-Wide Learning to Accrediting Bodies

Dr. Robert Casanova, former Assistant Dean of Clinical Science Curriculum and Assistant Vice Dean for Medical Education at the Covenant Medical Branch at Texas Tech University, shares the benefit of using ExamSoft’s data to provide evidence of student learning to accrediting bodies and streamline the overall grading process.


Equipping New Programs with Tools They Need to Grow

LMU Law School Achieves ABA Accreditation with ExamSoft

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Get Your Institution Ready for Accreditation

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“Schools and accreditation bodies are all about data. ExamSoft enables us to produce a series of student performance reports to track and map curriculum to learning objectives.”
Patrick Chadd, Ed.D., Associate Dean of eLearning
Camden County College
"ExamSoft enables us to categorize exam questions at a much deeper level. For example, in addition to labeling a question as a math question, we can tag it as a dosage calculation, administration, or medication question. The resulting data helps us more effectively evaluate student performance and reach our accreditation goals.”
Joan Becker, Dean of Nursing
El Centro College
“Mapping individual test items and performance assessments to accreditation standards, course objectives, or similar topics allows instructors in our programs to provide direct, timely feedback to students about their strengths and opportunities for learning. The ability to also aggregate that data for students to see how they perform in an area over an entire course, semester, or program is invaluable to their long-term growth.”
Sarah B. McBrien, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Curricular & Learning Assessment,
College of Allied Health Professions
University of Nebraska Medical Center
ExamSoft provided no compensation for this statement, but this individual has previously received compensation for other work performed for ExamSoft.