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How to Write Great Exam Questions

Assessment is a crucial part of education, no matter the subject or level. We usually think of assessments only as tools to measure how much a student has learned, though with the right post-exam data, they can be so ...


Benefits of a Secure Remote Assessment Platform for International Law Schools

As we proceed with the new normal, many aspects of our lives have changed to a remote-first philosophy, including work, school, and even social gatherings. Law schools are no different. And even as things open up, ins...


Exploring New Question Types on the Next Generation NCLEX

The NCLEX®, or National Council Licensure Exam, is a standardized test that would-be nurses must pass to become an LPN or RN. There two versions of the test — the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN — but for ease of discussion...

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Strategies for Student Success (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session was composed of three sub-sessions: Awakening Confidence in the Unconfident Student Learning is not a concrete process, but one of fluidity. For students that mentally self-speak the negative ...

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Wednesday Debrief (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, director of Education and Assessment, and Kelly Crabb, Vice President of Global Sales, conduct a debrief of the first day of EAC 2021 and answer questions for participants.

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We Were Approved for ExamSoft! Now What? (EAC 2021)

Establishing an ExamSoft program within an institution can be a daunting experience. Learn how a large midwestern School of Nursing program with 800 students established their program in the Enterprise portal. The pre...

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Q&A About the Exam Maker Community and Exam Taker Help Site (EAC 2021)

ExamSoft Product Community Manager Laurel Beason holds a Q&A with EAC 2021 attendees regarding the Exam Maker Community and Exam Taker Help Site.

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Preferred Provider Session: ScholarRX and ExamSoft (EAC 2021)

Matt Harris, Vice President of Academic Solutions at ScholarRX, and Jerick Togami, Associate Director of New Products and Partnerships at ExamSoft, discuss how ExamSoft and ScholarRX have partnered together to bring c...

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Preferred Provider Session: Apple and ExamSoft (EAC 2021)

Dr. Tara Serwetnyk and Dr. Joseph Gomulak-Cavicchio discuss how to best utilize ExamSoft and Examplify applications to their fullest utilizing the advanced and user-friendly Apple Products.

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Partner Session: NurseThink: Clinical Judgement and Next Generation NCLEX (EAC 2021)

Dr. Stephanie Terry of NurseThink and Amy Austin speak on taking “Clinical Judgment” and dissecting what it truly means to nurse educators. They dive into how the change in NCLEX will create better nurses ...

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Nursing Accreditation Goes Virtual: How to Survive and Thrive (EAC 2021)

Virtual Accreditation…each of these words individually has the power to invoke very emotional responses within the world of nursing education but together they can send even the most experienced faculty into a s...

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Let Us Collaborate to Publish and Present (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment at ExamSoft, presents on forming connections and working with colleagues to present at conferences (national and international), publish in journals, or work on bo...

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ExamSoft Assessment Solutions + You (EAS+Y) (EAC 2021)

In this session, Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment, conducts a Q&A-style presentation to explain ExamSoft’s EAS+Y portfolio consulting services that help support clients and their needs.

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Eleven Departments – Three Campuses – One ExamSoft (EAC 2021)

During this 45-minute presentation, learners will gain insight into how an institution with three campuses, eleven departments, 784 employees, and 3,136 students maneuver through onboarding to the ExamSoft Enterprise ...

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Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Testing Program as a Cornerstone for Successful Outcomes (EAC 2021)

Many characteristics of a nursing program serve as measures of successful outcomes. More than ever one of these measurements is NCLEX first time pass rates. A comprehensive testing program integrated across the curric...

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Course Coordinator Assessment Workflow (CCAW): An Integrated Assessment Tool to Personalized Learning and Teaching (EAC 2021)

There is an increasing focus on the need to ensure that students are competent before they graduate. The goal of this study was to develop an integrated assessment tool to personalize teaching and learning. We develop...

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Conversation with Funders (EAC 2021)

Funder Perspectives: Preparing for the New Normal: Trends, Opportunities, and Innovation in Digital Learning The role of digital learning was put on full display as postsecondary institutions sought to keep students e...

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Conference Close (EAC 2021)

Eric Connelly, Vice President of Client Development at ExamSoft, delivers closing remarks for EAC 2021.