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EAC 2019 Highlights: A Glimpse into the Agenda

The 5th Annual ExamSoft Assessment Conference (EAC 2019) is all set for June 26-28 in beautiful Montreal, Canada. For those who want to know more about what they can expect this year, take a glimpse into what the agenda has in store. The ExamSoft team and academic guest presenters have worked to make sure this year’s attendees walk away knowing more about best practices relating to accreditation, retention and remediation, and improving student engagement.

Here’s a look at the EAC 2019 agenda highlights—and they’re only a select few from the full list of informative and engaging sessions taking place throughout the three-day conference.

Development of an Individualized Student Remediation Plan Using Category Reports

Presented by Rochelle Schultz, Texas Woman’s University – June 27, 10 A.M.

A remediation plan using ExamSoft category reports was developed and implemented to assist the low-performing students in developing their critical thinking and clinical judgment skills. The remediation plan helps students identify areas of weakness and applicable study skills to improve their knowledge base. The development process, implementation, and preliminary results of this remediation plan will be discussed, as well as the benefits and barriers identified in the implementation process.

View the full agenda for EAC 2019.

Unlikely Champions: How to Engage Faculty in Using ExamSoft

Presented by Ashley Castleberry, University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy – June 28, 8:30 A.M.

Getting everyone excited about change is a challenge, especially when the change is technology. Technology change may be the most difficult for more seasoned faculty who have been using their methods of assessment for generations. This session will outline how to promote buy-in from such faculty and turn them into ExamSoft champions. Also discussed will be which item types fit well for these disciplines, as well as the creative ways to allow the use of paper as necessary.

View the full agenda for EAC 2019.

Applying Design Thinking in a Large-Scale Assessment Project: Leveraging ExamSoft with Data Visualization Tools to Enable Data Storytelling

Presented by Dr. Yuxin Tu and Tamica Charles, MD Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto – June 28, 10 A.M.

Join us as we introduce our attendees to basic concepts, techniques, and strategies of “Design Thinking.” This interactive session will encourage audience members to apply Design Thinking in tackling the existing problems and various challenges they face in the areas of assessment. This is a perfect opportunity to also learn best practices for designing a data-driven, story-telling student report using the data generated from using the ExamSoft learning assessment platform.

View the full agenda for EAC 2019.

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