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ExamSoft’s suite of assessment software provides educators with the tools needed to track student, course, and even programmatic performance. By “tagging” exam items to any measurable competency or outcome, educators can gain a real-time look into how their students, curriculum, or even teaching methods are faring.

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[00:00:00] Exam day should mean more than students simply receiving a grade, it should be an opportunity for all parties involved to learn something. And while embedded assessment provides educators with piles of data, what good is that data if it’s not aggregated into an easily digestible format exam source reporting capabilities helps making sense of your assessment data. Easy and more efficient. Here’s how it works. First, tag all exam items to categories. Any topic you’d like to measure performance on learning outcomes, board exam topics or even accreditation standards. Then deliver your exams on exemplifying our secure testing platform. Once complete exam soft can run multiple report types to provide everyone with feedback on student course and even overall program performance exam SOF reports can be broken down into three main types. Our Course Performance Report provides information on how an individual course, multiple courses or even an entire department are performing.

[00:01:00] You can even tailor this report to include or omit multiple assessment types such as quizzes, essays and asks. The category performance report is a granular view of how different learning outcomes are performing within a course or throughout the curriculum as a whole. Set your own at risk thresholds to provide the data you need to hone in on categories that may need more attention in your curriculum. Take a proactive, real time approach to student remediation with the student category performance report. Dive into specific areas where students may be struggling, set at risk thresholds for all or subsets of students, and view which assessments and or questions contain at risk categories to adjust curriculum where necessary. Adjust, customize, save and share these report types as you would like. Regardless of what you’re hoping to learn from your assessments, exam source reporting capabilities can help compile the data to best suit your needs. Thousands of clients around the world use our assessment platform to help make data driven decisions that positively affect their students and educational program. Contact us today to request your personalized demo.

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