Squaring the Round Peg: Hybridizing ExamSoft and ExamSoft Rubrics for Practical OSCE Assessments

July 22, 2020 11:00 am CST
Mario Hofheinz

This session will show how a Physician Assistant program combined ExamSoft and ExamSoft rubrics to implement a practical OSCE assessment. ExamSoft and ExamSoft rubrics were used during a live OSCE by students, standardized patients (SPs), and faculty graders. ExamSoft supplied case information to the students, collected student responses, and served as the time-keeper for the exam. ExamSoft rubrics allowed for live grading by both SPs and faculty graders. In administering a single practical OSCE case with multiple assessments, we were able to use ExamSoft and ExamSoft rubrics categorization functions beyond their designed purpose.

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