A Biopsy Sample of Student Learning: ExamSoft Assessment Analytics Aid Development of Competency-Based Medical School Radiology Clerkship and Continuous Curricular Improvement

August 12, 2020 11:00 am CST
Atul Agarwal

Education of radiologic diagnostic utility when incorporated into the medical school curriculum is instrumental in graduating well-rounded physicians, who can draw upon this knowledge when caring for their patients. At Indiana University School of Medicine, we enroll approximately 380 4th year medical students per year in our required 2-week-long clerkship. We use ExamSoft to test pre- and post-instruction knowledge on 26 “must see” medical conditions. These include urgent/emergent medical conditions that require expedited diagnosis and treatment. The frequency with which the correct diagnosis is identified on the pre-test to that on the post-test serves as an objective measure of student learning, and outlines learning trends, which help identify topics that students find most challenging.