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Webinar: Next Generation Testing with Clinical Judgment Exams

Presented by Dr. Tim Bristol

March 17th, 2021 @ 11am CT

The Clinical Judgment Exam webinar is a live, one-hour discussion with Dr. Tim Bristol (Nurse Tim), which will give you an overview of methods for helping assess your students in clinical judgment. You’ll learn how NurseThink Testing, powered by ExamSoft, will enable you to provide nationally benchmarked, high-level, high-security exams that will prepare your students for the Next Generation NCLEX.

  • Engaging presentation with interactive Q&A
  • Key highlights on how to teach students the necessary content to become safe clinicians
  • Strategies for utilizing pre-written assessments, or how to build your own question bank
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Presented By Dr. Tim Bristol

Dr. Tim Bristol


Tim Bristol is a faculty development, NCLEX®, and curriculum design specialist. He has taught at all levels of nursing to include PN/VN, ADN, BSN, MSN, and PhD. He is sought out to assist in developing new programs, innovations in learning, Next Gen Clinical Judgment preparation, and assessment strategies internationally. Tim is known as an expert in bringing the evidence-base of nursing, healthcare, and education to students and faculty at all levels. Through consultations, writing, and mentoring, Dr. Bristol assists faculty in identifying the competencies needed to effectively enhance programs for optimal student outcomes and practice-readiness. He has certification as a nurse educator, is a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, and is internationally known for bringing excitement through success to his colleagues and students. His motto: "Today, we will learn how to learn."


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