Everything You Need to Know About Academic Integrity

September 15, 2022 12pm CST

When we think of academic integrity, we often think of it as an issue that primarily concerns students. But educators have a BIG role to play in preserving academic integrity.

In this session, we’ll share the nuances of ensuring and advancing academic integrity in education. What are the different types of academic integrity violations? What policies, processes, and communications need to be in place to support and promote academic integrity proactively? How do you discipline students who engage in violations? What are your processes to train faculty, staff, and students on this topic? How do you build a culture of accountability and trust that serves student success overall? We will tackle all these questions and more in this session.

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Meet the Presenter

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Divya Bheda, Ph.D.

ExamSoft’s Director of Education and Assessment

Dr. Divya Bheda has over a decade of experience in leading program evaluations, assessments, and social justice training. She champions curricular innovation and andragogical/pedagogical excellence through assessment. Her work spans general education, administration, academic programs, certificates, and student services. She approaches data, strategic-planning, and decision-making using a formative, utilization-focused, equity-building lens. She is committed to advancing collaborative, transformative, and restorative learning in a safe space for professional accountability and growth for all higher education professionals. She has experience in online, and brick and mortar educational contexts. She is passionate about catalyzing student success and building organizational responsiveness. She holds a Ph.D. in Critical and Socio-Cultural Studies in Education, an M.S. in Educational Leadership, and an M.A. in Mass Communication.