Digital Assessment Webinar Series

June 8, 2022 – July 27, 2022

Live virtual sessions held in GST.


Join us for this special five-part webinar series focused on assessment best practices and using technology for exam success. The series, presented by ExamSoft and led by Director of Education and Assessment, Dr. Divya Bheda, will give you insights on assessment and testing along with practical tips and strategies.

What You’ll Learn:
  • How to adapt technology for your institution or program
  • Assessment strategies for continuous improvement
  • Exam prep best practices for online and in-person programs
  • The different types of academic integrity and how to support them
  • How to identify learning gaps to support student success

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Webinar Series Schedule

Webinar Title
June 8, 20229:30 a.m. GSTFoundations: Assessment Best Practices for Educational Efficacy
June 15, 202210:30 a.m. GSTFoundations: Making Technology Work for You
July 13, 202210:30 a.m. GSTBuilding Blocks: Scaffolding for Success: Exam Prep Best Practices
July 20, 202210:30 a.m. GSTBuilding Blocks: Everything You Need to Know about Academic Integrity
July 27, 202210:30 a.m. GSTBuilding Blocks: Championing Student Success as Educators

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Presented by ExamSoft

divya 1

Divya Bheda, Ph.D.

Meet ExamSoft’s Director of Education and Assessment

Dr. Divya Bheda has over a decade of experience in leading program evaluations, assessments, and social justice training. She champions curricular innovation and andragogical/pedagogical excellence through assessment. Her work spans general education, administration, academic programs, certificates, and student services. She approaches data, strategic-planning, and decision-making using a formative, utilization-focused, equity-building lens. She is committed to advancing collaborative, transformative, and restorative learning in a safe space for professional accountability and growth for all higher education professionals. She has experience in online, and brick and mortar educational contexts. She is passionate about catalyzing student success and building organizational responsiveness. She holds a Ph.D. in Critical and Socio-Cultural Studies in Education, an M.S. in Educational Leadership, and an M.A. in Mass Communication.

kaied 1

Kaied Shawish, Regional Director

Regional Director – EU, ME, and North Africa

Kaied Shawish joined ExamSoft in 2020 as the Regional Director in Dubai managing EU, ME, and NA regions. Kaied has over 20 years of experience in Education & Assessment in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked with many key industry players, certifying and accreditation bodies, government agencies, universities and colleges across the globe.

His areas of expertise include Digital Transformation, Vocational and academic skills and knowledge verification. A strong believer in continuous learning, Kaied has an MBA from the University of East London, PgDip degrees from Birkbeck, University of London and various professional courses from Cambridge and other, UK Universities.

He is passionate about education’s vital role in elevating societies and advancing economies. Kaied uses his knowledge and experience to develop and facilitate synergies between international and local businesses to best serve the local market.

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