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Administer Secure Remote Exams from Any Location

ExamSoft is committed to providing unmatched security and support for all remote assessments for the Fall term and beyond. We’ll help ensure your exams are administered securely in a controlled testing environment – regardless of modality.
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Complete Device Control

Unparalleled exam security with ExamSoft

ExamSoft protects the integrity of your exams by administering assessments completely offline with a platform that fully controls all exam taker devices safely and securely.

  • All programs are completely disabled on a student’s device during an exam, including internet browsers, screensavers, and software applications
  • After the exam begins, every action is logged and timestamped including text entries, time spent on questions, content deletions, and back-and-forth navigation
  • No programs running in the background, no taking screenshots of questions and answers, no screensavers with hidden notes
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ExamMonitor is an advanced remote proctoring/invigilation solution

ExamMonitor works with ExamID to provide the highest level of exam security for remote assessments. Completely deter student cheating during remote assessments without being in the room yourself.

  • This advanced remote proctoring/invigilation solution continuously monitors video and audio throughout all your remote assessments
  • Advanced A.I. software detects abnormal exam taker behavior and sounds that will often indicate when that person is potentially cheating
  • All flagged incidents are analyzed by a trained professional and verifiable cheating attempts are documented for course admins to review

ExamID allows you to verify the identity of each exam taker

ExamID provides reliable exam security from any location with an advanced identity verification system that eliminates exam taker impersonation for remote assessments.

  • Accessing an exam file requires a two-step authentication process involving a unique username/password and facial identification software
  • Unauthorized exam access is successfully prevented, and course admins are provided documented evidence of any attempt at impersonation
  • Administer exams anywhere without sacrificing exam integrity and be sure only the right students are taking the right assessments
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