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Data-Driven Assessment Platform

Holistic Exam Software
for Student Success

Improve Student Outcomes
with Assessment Data

Your exams can tell you a lot about student performance, both course wide and for individual learners. ExamSoft gives educators the tools they need to identify where students may be struggling, determine the efficacy of teaching methods, and deliver timely remediation for improved learning outcomes.

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Learn how your colleagues in higher ed are using ExamSoft’s data and reporting tools to lead students to success.

Experience All the Benefits of ExamSoft


Give learners a consistent assessment experience, whether delivering exams from home or in the classroom.

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Protect the integrity of formative and summative exams with offline assessment options, complete device control, and more.

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Data & Reporting

Monitor course, category, and student performance and identify gaps in the curriculum with powerful analytics tools.

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Retention & Remediation

Improve student outcomes with category-based reporting to identify areas of improvement and guide study habits.

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Save time where you need it most with one cohesive system for administering and grading exams; plus send immediate feedback to students

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Tag exam items to accreditation standards and generate detailed reports to demonstrate standard compliance.

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Holistic Campus-Wide Solution
How It Works
Create Administer Analyze

Faculty Portal

Quickly and easily create new exams using existing items or new ones using the ExamSoft faculty portal. Collaborate with other departments, course admins, instructors, IDs and LTs through one tool.


Deliver exams safely and securely to the student application, Examplify. As a disconnected software solution, Examplify houses exams on the student’s local machine. The only activity a student can do during the exam is take the exam - offline.


Faculty and administrators can run advanced, longitudinal reports that show historical performance for categories, courses, and students. Review item performance statistics to see length and difficulty of your exam. See how students are performing on specific learning outcomes - and adjust instructional methods using data to improve learning.

Start Improving Learning Outcomes in Your Courses

With ExamSoft’s digital assessment platform, you can help each of your students succeed and even improve retention rates at your institution.

  • Create effective exam content tagged to key learning objectives
  • Determine exam and item quality with easy-to-understand psychometric tools
  • Generate reports to measure performance by student, course, or program

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