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Webinar: Exploring Academic (Dis)Honesty and Integrity in a BYOD Environment

In this presentation you will hear a short tale of academic dishonesty, an eagle-eyed proctor, and ExamSoft metrics. Learn how to utilize the security features and tools provided in ExamSoft to assist with ensuring that exams are delivered in a fair and honest manner. We will discuss some of the best practices and ideas that can be used to help harden a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own Device) classroom testing environment against cheating and increase exam and program integrity.

Resources from the presenter

  1. Here is the requirements document used for incoming students. This information is added to our incoming student handbook.
  2. You can find the random seating generator mentioned in the webinar here. This small program is standalone, free and easy to use to generate randomized seating for exams for any room and group of students.

Featured Speakers

Richard Halpin, Ed.D, Manager of Educational Technology
University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston

Richard “Hal” Halpin works as the Manager of Educational Technology at the University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston where his group is responsible for all systems, software and hardware used to teach students.

Hal’s educational interests include the promotion of appropriate, effective assessment methodologies, improving the effectiveness of the integration of technology into teaching, developing faculty understanding of assessment techniques, designing innovative courseware and curriculum, and increasing student outcomes in health science education. He is currently working to incorporate advanced simulation and virtual reality in the dental curriculum.

Hal earned his undergraduate degree in Archaeology from the University of Bradford in Bradford, England. Since moving to the U.S., he has obtained a master’s in instructional technology and a doctorate in professional leadership with an emphasis in health sciences education, both from the University of Houston.


Allison Case, Ph.D, Director of Education and Assessment

Allison Case is the Director of Education and Assessment for ExamSoft. Most of her time at ExamSoft is spent consulting with clients on their assessment and accreditation needs as part of ExamSoft’s EAS+Y assessment consultations services. Prior to joining ExamSoft, Allison was a faculty member and the Director of Curriculum and Assessment in the bioengineering department at the University of Texas at Dallas. She received her BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and her Ph.D in biomedical engineering from UT Southwestern Medical School.