Resilience Through Technology: Exploring Digital Transformation

Register for Wednesday Workshops for access to ExamSoft-led sessions in a workshop setting where you’ll learn about Assessment, Integrity, Continuous Improvement, and Exam Day Planning. Workshop sessions are two-hour interactive meetings, with one morning session and two in the afternoon. The cost for Wednesday Workshops is $50, which also includes access to all sessions in the Free Conference.

Please find the Wednesday Workshops Agenda below:

10:30 am CT – 12:30 pm CT:

Interpreting and Using Psychometric Data
Best Practices, Policies, and Processes to Facilitate Academic Integrity
Change Management Leadership: Strategies and Tips for Technology Adoption and Permeation
Preparing for and Troubleshooting on Exam Day: IT

1:00 pm CT – 3:00 pm CT:

Utilizing ExamSoft Rerts to Improve Performance: Legacy Portal
Utilizing ExamSoft Reports to Improve Performance: Enterprise
Strategies to Enhance Student Learning, Intervention, Remediation, and Success
Preparing and Supporting Students Effectively for High-Stakes Exams

3:30 pm CT – 5:30 pm CT:

Evaluating the Qualitative: A;; Things Rubrics (Enterprise, Legacy, and OSCE’s)
Remote Proctoring Effectiveness: Maximizing Your Use of ExamID and ExamMonitor
Creating Sustainable Mechanisms for Technology Learning and Use on Campus
Enabling Student Learning: Formative Assessment with ExamNow